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Product Engineering

WNA’s product engineering services provide competent solutions to customers at each phase in the product development lifecycle. Our unique structure - driven approach allows us to develop software solutions that drive business productivity, adaptability and scalability. Application of agile development and iterative solution models ensures high value products - delivered on time and on budget.

Our expertise in deploying services through multiple engagement models and experienced product specialists helps us match up with customer expectations and implement changes quickly and effectively. At the same time, our engineering solutions are platform independent ensuring quick implementation, scalability and technology neutrality.

Product Conceptualization
WNA identifies customer requirements, maps them with existing technologies and plans a customized solution. At this phase, WNA documents and discusses the proposed solution and processes with the client through extensive process workshops and employee interviews. Risk and feasibility analysis is performed, which is tracked at every subsequent stage. WNA identifies, informs and guides its customers on the available technologies and functionalities, incorporating feedback from client staff.

New Product Development
For product development, WNA follows both the SDLC based waterfall model and iterative spiral model, depending upon the product requirements. For products with a vivid scope, the waterfall model is recommended, wherein each phase transition is carefully planned and implemented. The iterative spiral model is used for products liable to change or increment. The iteration is discussed with the customer and, subsequently, the expected product increment is deployed.

Product Migration
WNA’s powerful application migration solutions ensure clients utilize the advantages of latest technologies without affecting existing operations. Our migration capabilities help customers address the issues of integrating a new set of technologies across disparate systems, databases and the operational ecosystem.

WNA provides customized solutions for mainframe migration as well as Language and OS migration. Together with our dedicated support team and training services, our product migration services ensure a steady evolution of the client’s IT infrastructure application without loss of critical information or performance.

WNA’s methodology ensures efficient knowledge management, accountability and transparency in systems aligned with uniformity in operations at every phase of project migration.

Product Maintenance and Enhancements
Ensuring effective product development and deployment does not end at product migration; application maintenance is an important step to determine success of the project.

WNA’s application maintenance services help customers extract the best out of their existing IT applications. With a time bound and structured maintenance program, the solution ensures reduced application downtime and operating expenditures while enhancing the product’s lifetime. We leverage powerful offshore-ability analysis and maintainability-analysis capabilities to proactively plan for maintenance requirements.

Maintenance services include corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, adaptive maintenance and perfective maintenance.

WNA application enhancement services facilitate modernization of complex business processes. Regular enhancements to legacy systems, technologies and product functionalities promote continuous innovation, productivity and business growth.